Alucobond, Reynobond

Reynobond and Alucobond veneer and veneer made of corrugated metal plate

We offer you 8 years experience in processing and installation of Reynobond and Alucobond in sites all over the Czech Republic.


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vertical section

horizontal section

Rivet method (Reynobond, Alucobond)

Reynobond, Alucobond are riveted with rivets in colour of the basic material, or the rivets are provided with plastic caps in the same colour

This way allows the considered shapes and lines of buildings to distinguish. This requires extremely accurate processing.

A standard gap of 6 mm may be bigger with large formats of Reynobond and Alucobond.

Standartní spára 6 mm může být u velkých formátů Reynobondu,Alucobondu větší.

Example of use:

Autocentrum seat České Budějovice

Hospital České Budějovice

Budějovický Budvar


vertical section

horizontal section

Negative gap - waffle method (Reynobond, Alucobond)

Mostly used way of Reynobond and Alucobond processing. Standard gap of 14 mm may be even bigger with large formats.

Examples of use:

Custodial prison České Budějovice

Administrative building of Willo Praha

Budějovický Budvar


window underpart

window upperpart

Corrugated metal plate

Available with negative gap only. Aluminium or zinc-coated plates with polyester surface finish or PVDF foil-protected are used. The metal plates are processed with CNC machines.