Winter gardens

A winter garden as a housing pendant always used to be a welfare symbol.

Also nowadays it is above standard. Winter gardens are relatively expensive and require rather demanding constructions from architectonical point of view. Thanks to their resistance to atmospheric effects, quite high solidity and ease of processing, aluminium profiles are suitable material for their construction. The construction of winter gardens including glazing and shading compose one complex tha is obliged to fulfil many functions at a time. Therefore the co-operation of designing and implementing companies from the design to final realization is very important. Our company is ready to transform your fantasies and the designs of architectors into a concrete shape.

Entrance doors

The entrance door is the first an owner or visitor meets when entering house. It is a representative and safe gate to your privacy. Thanks to preventing the chimney effect in a building, a duly implemented and well sealing door goes for an object´s thermal loss minimum the same way as its windows do. As such, it must be elaborated in high quality and top quality materials must be used. Aluminium profiles make it possible to manufacture the door in required shape and wide colour scale.

A system stainless fitting allows for easy maintenance, a combination of both factors implies a long life cycle of the aluminium entrance doors. With regard to these features the aluminium doors suit not only as entrance doors of family houses but also entrances of slab blocks, shops and administration buildings.