• aluminium composite for decorable siding of buildings
  • secures planeness even with large dimensions
  • has excellent surface finishing
  • absorbs vibrations and noise
  • fireproof finishing available


REYNOBOND is a slab made of two half-milimeter thick aluminium plates varnished with stove enamel. Thanks to the combination of mechanical and chemical properties, its components are bound together especially firmly.

REYNOBOND is available in two variants:

  • REYNOBOND Pe - Standard variant. The core is made of nature-coloured polythene.

  • REYNOBOND Fr - Fireproof variant. The core of white colour is made of special fireproof polythene. The core material is not toxic.


Thickness: ± 0,10 mm
Width: - 0 / + 3 mm
Length: <= 4000 mm: - 0 / + 3 mm
Length: >4000 mm and < 6000 mm: - 0 / + 3 mm
Length: > 6000 mm: (on demand)

Protective foil

  • Non-transparent, black-white foil, thickness 80m, with arrows at front side

  • guaranteed durability of the surface 6 months

Standard dimensions

  • thickness: 4 mm

  • width: 1000, 1250, 1500 mm

  • length up: 4000 mm

Alcoa makes also thickness of 3 and 6 mm for special solutions over 500 sqm.

Variety of colours

REYNOBOND is available in various hues:

  • 18 hues corresponding to RAL scale (see colour card)

  • other hues according to RAL available from 400 sqm

  • metallic hues: (anodic silver, silver, smoke silver, gray, titanum, dark titanum, platinum, light champagne, bronze, medium bronze)

All hues can be delivered in standard, matt and high gloss variants.

Surface finish

REYNOBOND is available with various stove enamels that are dashed on aluminium carbide pickled plates.

On front side:

CW 300 varnish: PVDF - high quality varnish (70% KYNAR 500), exceptional colour and gloss endurance, resistant against corrosive or salty air and abrasion.

CW 300 XL(M) varnish: PVDF - varnish, three-plied (40m); supreme varnishing system (70% KYNAR 500) with in-depth metallic effect. The XL(M) system offers an exceptional endurance against radiance, abrasion, corrosion and polluted air.

On back side:

Protective varnish: intended for glueing-on, makes handling easier (enables movement between both plates, protects against scratching) and offers very good protection against corrosion. Arrows on the backside show the orientation of varnishing. This helps in in correct orientating the metallic hues of slabs.


Mechanical and static properties

Thanks to its conception of jointing, REYNOBOND shows excellent mechanical properties. Despite of its light-handedness REYNOBOND is firm and resistant against impacts and pressure.

REYNOBOND shows high rigidity against bending (wind loading), convexities and ruptures.

The rigidity against bending is guaranteed by the 1 mm aluminium plates:

Material: 3105 H 25 (Al Mn1 Mg 0,5 H 25)
Tensile strength: Rm >= 160 N/mm2 (Mpa)
Border: 0,2: Rp 0,2 >= 130 N/mm2 (Mpa)
Dilatability: A 50 >= 5 až 7%
Modulus of elasticity: E = 70 000 N/mm2 (Mpa)

REYNOBOND offers substantially better rigidity/weight ratio in comparison with steel and aluminium.

REYNOBOND is thus 3.4 times lighter than steel and 1.6 lighter than aluminium.

Conversion Table

Comparison of the material thickness and its weight per sqm

Rigidity (E.J)

Braking torque (W)


Aluminium k


0,125 kN m2/m

1,25 cm3/m

3 mm = 4,5 kg/m2

2,7 mm = 7,3 kg/m2

1,9 mm = 14,8 kg/m2

0,240 kN m2/m

1,75 cm3/m

4 mm = 5,5 kg/m2

3,3 mm = 8,9 kg/m2

2,4 mm = 18,7 kg/m2

0,590 kN m2/m

2,75 cm3/m

6 mm = 7,3 kg/m2

4,5 mm = 12,2 kg/m2

3,2 mm = 25,0 kg/m2

Acoustic-Technical Properties

REYNOBOND has 9 times higher noise absorbing ability than aluminium. The material can be therefore used for machine panelling, (loss factor of REYNOBOND of 4 mm thickness according to ASTM 756-83 is 0.0072 @ 200 Hz). With 3.2 mm aluminium, this factor is 0.0008 under the same conditions.

REYNOBOND serves to noise damping. The following values of noise damping follow from the mean value of noise damping according to ASTM E 90 and E 413 between 100 Hz and 5000 Hz:


Průměrná naměřená hodnota tlumení zvuku STC

3 mm

25 dB

4 mm

26 dB

6 mm

28 dB

Electrotechnical Properties

  • Specific inner insulation resistance of REYNOBOND 4 mm thick: r = 1,3x10^17 [omega].cm
  • Electric strength: Ed = 20 kV/mm
  • Voltage U of electric arc on edges of REYNOBOND slab 4 mm thick U = 3 kV
  • Electromagnetic protective shield: (according to NSA 65-6 specification) Electromagnetic protective shield: (according to NSA 65-6 specification) REYNOBOND slabs serve as electromagnetic protective shield. They reduce electromagnetic field more than 80 dB @ frequency between 1 MHz and 1GHz. REYNOBOND can be used as an electromagnetic protective shield in the following areas: airports, computer rooms, hospitals, military information-technical equipment

Fire Protection - Technical Classification

Polythene core is protected with non-flammable aluminium plates. The following values correspond with international fire protection classification:

Germany (according to DIN 4102):

  • REYNOBOND Pe: normally flammable B2 REYNOBOND Fr: hardly flammable B1


REYNOBOND Fr has been developed especially to meet the requirements of and fire protection standards in the USA.

  • ASTM E 84:
    • Only as the core: Flame spread 15 - Smoke
    • Developed 30
    • As slab: Flame spread 10 -Smoke
    • Developed 0
    • Class A Material
  • ASTM E 119: stable up to 2 hours
  • ASTM E 108 MODIFIED: has stood the test, confirmed by CEG
  • UBC 17-6: Multi-Story Test
  • UBC 17-5: Interior Room Corner Burn Toxicity: evaluated as equaly toxic as wood (New York Code Provisions)

REYNOBOND Fr is acknowledged in the USA according to the following Building Codes:

  • ICOB Report 4909 BOCA
  • SBCCI Report 9165 New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles

In fire, REYNOBOND does not create any poisonous gases.

Thermal Properties

The REYNOBOND warm conductance is caused by its polythene core APe = 0.29 W/m.K REYNOBOND is not considered isolation slab but for certain usages its insulation ability is sufficient.

REYNOBOND can be used in temperatures from - 50 C to + 80 C.

Linear warm propagation is caused by covering aluminium plates A = 0.024 mm/m/ C At temperature difference of 60 C, the temperature expandability makes 1.4 mm per 1 meter of length.


REYNOBOND slabs have undergone various tests of corrosion resistance. Thanks to its cohesion and the use of high-quality raw materials, REYNOBOND is an excellent material for any use. How often and with what means REYNOBOND should be cleaned depends on the object position and the pollution grade.